Salvation Army Needs Money, Manpower to Crew Mobile Kitchen

Salvation Army Kitchen on Wheels

Salvation Army Kitchen on Wheels

By Patrice Clark

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) – The Salvation Army in Jackson County has a new kitchen on wheels to help feed the alarming number of hungry people. But the non-profit organization said it doesn’t have the money or manpower to make the mobile feeding unit a success.

Hundreds of hungry people packed Our Daily Bread in Pascagoula Monday for a hot meal. Coordinator Mary Meldren said because the economy is so tough right now, she’s now feeding 3,500 a week here.

“These people are hungry and they don’t care if you give them the leftover breakfast you can’t finish. These people are hungry,” Meldren said.

Salvation Army Director, Lt. Jerry Williams hopes the organization’s new mobile feeding unit will lighten the load at Our Daily Bread. Inside the donated vehicle, there is a full kitchen with a good size oven and stove, two refrigerators, and even a coffee maker.

“I know homeless people. During the cold, during disasters, they want something hot. They don’t want just cold water,” Williams said.

Williams would like to take the kitchen on wheels to every city in Jackson County to get meals to those without transportation. He said to do that, he needs a lot of helping hands and hundreds of dollars to fuel the project.

“The startup cost is going to be roughly around $200 a week. And it will die down after that, after we get the items and supplies in. We want to get the word out now.”

The Salvation Army is now calling on South Mississippians to help get the mobile kitchen rolling.

“Not everyone could feed people out of their kitchen. But they can come to our kitchen and feed those individuals in need.”

Williams said the faster the mobile feeding unit can get on the road, the faster help will get to those in need.

“We do not only want to bring them food for their empty stomachs, but also a ministry and the word of God to them as well.”

If you’d like to help jump-start the mobile feeding program, call the Salvation Army at (228) 762-7222.