Seattle: Marination Food Truck to Park it on Capitol Hill

Marination Owner - Kamala Saxton

As the street food culture in Seattle evolves into a force to be reckoned with (more on that, below), some of the fast movers in the scene are also permanently parking part of their food truck and trailer fleets — and, so far, Capitol Hill must seem like a nice place to pull into. Hawaiian and Koren food truck Marination Mobile announced this week that it will open a permanent home on Capitol Hill in a Harvard Market retail space above QFC.

Here’s the e-mail we received from @curb_cuisine owner Kamala Saxton:

I wanted to let you know that Marination just signed a lease for a store front at the Harvard Market. We expect to be open in April and we are thrilled to back on the Hill. This brick and mortar location will serve beer and wine, the usual Marination menu plus a couple of expanded menu options not served on the truck.

Marination Owner - Kamala Saxton

The move, er, non-move marks the second time a mobile food business has chosen the Hill as a stable home following Skillet’s decision to open its diner in the Chloe building at 14th and Union.

Marination plans to open this spring in a retail space near the Harvard Market escalator and next door to Little Saigon restaurant and (CHS advertiser!) eBits in the Pike/Broadway corner of the shopping center.

This summer CHS reported that City of Seattle planners were exploring a plan to establish a street food court on Broadway near the light rail construction. We’re hearing that the plan has evolved — but that Capitol Hill is still very much a part of it. More as we gather it.

In the meantime, how long until some of the Hill’s brick-and-mortar food and drink providers fight back? I’d eat at a Big Mario’s truck. You?