Seattle: New Food Truck Alert – Snout & Co- Cuban Soul Food!


We got a tip from a friend last night about a new food truck out and about in Seattle called Snout & Co. They are serving up “soulful food from Cuba to South Carolina.” What does that mean exactly?

You’ll find the traditional mojo (garlic and citrus marinate) pork, black beans, rice, plaintains, collard greens and bbq pork. We wonder how their cubano stacks up to the cult ones at Paseo or the now defunct Palador Cubano.

We are intrigued by the South Carolina BBQ twist to the menu. Enjoy finishing sauces at the truck such as their ancho molasses. Owner Lee Scott tells us favorite menu item is the Cuban Bowl. He notes with pride that “the black beans and rice with the mojo pork is so good, but the tostones with the smoked tomatillo coconut sauce. Well – It all ends with a smile!”

Lee Scott is a self-trained cook with experience in catering and about 17 years behind the bar. Cuban food is part of his heritage, he said, adding:

“I love food with a story. Cuban food always brings me back to my grandmother. The Cuban side of my family were always so animated and different. I find the same to be true with the South. Love and soul has a lot to do with both of these places. Black beans are just as important to Cubans as collard greens are to southerners. I never understood collards until recently, and now I do. This is food from the soul. Smoke is an element that drives me absolutely crazy. Walking into a restaurant in Charleston, SC and tilting my head to the scent of hickory in the air, convinced me that I was in heaven! This is how these styles found their way to the truck, and sometimes they even kiss!”

Where are they parking? Schedule is on the website with locations in Ballard and SLU running Sunday-Tuesday. In the future they hope to expand to West Seattle, Fremont and Wallingford. Check their Facebook page and Twitter stream for updates.