Seattle Street Food Vending in the Pacific Northwest

This cart was manufactured by Apollo Cart

By STAFF | Apollo Carts

With the announcement that Seattle is opening up its street food vending program and our convenient location in the Pacific Northwest, Apollo Carts has compiled a list of resources that could help with your Mobile Street Food Vending business development. Our close proximity to Seattle would allow you to come and see our manufacturing plant as well as talk to some of the Vancouver Food Vendors who own and operate an Apollo Carts Concession Unit.

In 2010 Vancouver opened up its streets for food vending and you may have seen Apollo Carts frequently in the news as vendor after vendor choose Apollo for its quality and attention to detail. If you would like to come and visit our shop any time during the week please let us know in advance and we will show you some of our current projects that are underway. If the weekend is the only time you can visit we can arrange for a meeting with proper notice.

Apollo Carts concession units are owned and operated around the world serving up a huge assortment of street food varieties. Our manufacturing process, certification, warranty and dedication to work with your local Health Board to meet their specifications means you have a reliable, well known investment that will serve you for many years to come.