Seattle, WA: Curry-licious Tacos More Than a Cliche

All Curry Everything

By Hollis Wong-Wear |

All Curry Everything

The Truck: Curry Now, 2401 Utah Ave S., Mondays and Wednesdays, 11 AM – 2 PM.

The Fare: The side of the truck declares “Mobile Indian Cuisine,” but while they offer a straightforward curry bowl, Curry Now also sells curry tacos, which I believe puts the truck in the realm of, how do you say… fusion?

The Stop: I encountered Curry Now on the sidewalk outside of the palatial Starbucks HQ, where each weekday food trucks of all sorts line up for a type of culinary window shopping for Starbucks suits and transient foodies alike. I chose Curry Now due to its simplicity: their two lunch offerings are a curry bowl and curry tacos, with a combo deal available (bowl + 1 taco) for a slightly discounted price. After tasting the two meat options, I passed on the unremarkable beef sample and opted for the shrimp curry bowl ($9, made to order) and two chicken curry tacos ($7).

One thing of note in the burgeoning scene of fusion food trucks is the omnipresence of the taco, to the point where it becomes cliche. While a taco is certainly the simplest way to serve up some ‘surprising’ filling, the cleverness of the concept loses its luster when every food truck is offering their own. Fusion is all fine and well, but I challenge us modern-day food truckies to ask ourselves between bites: Does this really need to be a taco?

The good news is that Curry Now’s tacos are truly outstanding thanks to its roti, used in lieu of a tortilla: fresh and chewy, it was actually the highlight of the taco itself. The chicken itself was stewed in a light yellow sauce and greatly enhanced with chunks of potato, and the pico de gallo topping was a surprisingly perfect compliment. Extra roti is only $1, and I swear I would have bought a few dollars worth to go home and experiment with my own filling if I had the wherewithal.

The shrimp curry bowl was also good: served piping hot with skinny serrano peppers, topped with cilantro over some seriously delicious jasmine rice. But the price! $9 for a mini-bowl of curry? I guess if you’re balling like that? Or at least in a hurry.

One thing to note is that if you arrive at Curry Now expecting to-go versions of your favorite Indian curries, you will be disappointed. Even to my admittedly limited curry palate, the shrimp was far more reminiscent of a Thai style of cooking. If you check out Curry Now’s About Us on its website, the owner of the truck declares his recipes as originating from the Fiji Islands. So… not really “Mobile Indian Cuisine.” (The webpage also boasts the incredible quote: “Yes, I am Tall. Yet all I wanted to do was Cook Curry. Now I Am Loving Life.”)

In addition to its SODO Starbucks haunt, Curry Now kicks it on Tuesdays and Fridays in South Lake Union, Thursdays on 2nd and Pine downtown, and on Saturday nights at the new Capitol Hill Night Market.