Seattle, WA: Scouring Seattle Food Trucks for the Great Seattle Sandwich

Not your run-of-the mill pb & j sandwich at Seattle Biscuit Company

By Roll With Jen |

Not your run-of-the mill pb & j sandwich at Seattle Biscuit Company
Not your run-of-the mill pb & j sandwich at Seattle Biscuit Company

A classic tuna sandwich is okay with me, but my favorite renditions of the good ol’ American lunch staple are a far cry from the ones my mama used to pack in my Care Bears lunchbox:

Snout & Co. – Just when I think I am tired of hearing myself recommending Snout’s Cuban to friends, I go into broken record mode and recommend Lee Scott’s truck again.

Scott offers up two styles of the pork sandwich, but I prefer his Seattle Cuban for the house made “Lee, have you ever thought about marketing this sauce it is so good” chimichurri mango sauce. If more meat is your motto, then go with the classic as you will get a double dose of piggy with their mojo ham.

Diablo Food Truckz: The formal name for Diablo’s sandwich is yakisoba-pan, which I informally describe as noodles in your sandwich. One bite of the hybrid noodle-bread sandwich concoction and you have yourself a proper banh mi and spaghetti orgy in your mouth. If you are into spice, Diablo offers hardcore options such as habanero and ghost chili. I fancy heat, but I also like keeping my mouth from going numb so I go for the Devil in Disguise, which goes for a more balanced sweet and spicy kick.


Pinky’s Kitchen: Sometimes sandwiches come in the form of $3.75 grenade-sized sliders. This Wallingford truck has a permanent location in Wallingford and has extended hours from 11am-11pm daily. They serve sliders in all varieties: brisket, dry pork, sauced-up pork, spice-rubbed chicken, and even a vegetable provolone variety. My go-to slider is the sauced-up pork with an addition of a 35 cent topping of crispy shoestring onions.

Seattle Biscuit Company: No best sandwich list is complete without the mention of biscuits. The sweet blue bow-tie clad duo who run Seattle Biscuit Company crank out my favorite sweet sandwich creation in town: The Nuptial Flight, a simple combination of rock salt, butter and honey. A runner-up, the Lunch Pail, pays homage to our favorite kids’ snack, CB’s peanut butter with apples and jelly. And the best part? These biscuits still taste good the day after.