Seattle, WA: Seattle’s first ‘charity food truck’ coming soon

Seattle first ever "charity food truck" is rolling into town. (Photo: KING)

By Eric Wilkinson  |  King 5 News


When the Saxbe brothers open their food truck every day, it isn’t all about business. It’s about the ingredients for a better way of life.

“We serve up comfort food,” said Tom Saxbe.

“Food for the soul!” added his brother Bo.

Seattle first ever "charity food truck" is rolling into town. (Photo: KING)
Seattle first ever “charity food truck” is rolling into town.
(Photo: KING)

The brothers got their love of food from their father, and opened Seattle’s “Cheese Wizards” food truck three years ago. They serve up gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and soups out of their yellow, middle-earth themed truck.

“Dad is really happy to see both his boys working together and not murdering each other,” said Bo with chuckle.

The grilled cheese business has been good to the Saxbes, but they hunger for more.

The Wizards are now working their magic to open “Cheese Wiches,” a second food truck dedicated to serving those in need.

When you buy a sandwich from that new truck, the proceeds will be used to serve up some comfort to deserving groups around the area.

“We’d love to be able to pull up and feed families of sick kids, disabled veterans, any number of causes,” said Bo.

The brothers recently teamed up with Lululemon and the Ronald McDonald House to give families a taste of home cooked happiness.

It’s part of a growing consciousness in Seattle by small start-ups to share their good fortune, while Wall Street focuses on feeding its stockholders.

“People aren’t just looking to put money in their pockets,” said Lara Maierhofer, who heads the new Comfort Food Charities, that will oversee Cheese Wiches. “We actually want to make a difference in the community doing something that we love. It seems like a perfect model and I hope it takes off.”

As part of the program, Cheese Wiches will work to increase awareness of ailments that afflict many unseen people in the community.

“Every sandwich bought from the Cheese Wiches will be a donation to, and a snap-tutorial about, important causes that could use a little magical support,” said Maierhofer.

You can share your interest in donating money, time, equipment, or moral support by visiting or If you are an organization interested in giving the group’s food to your clients, or just want more information, please contact Lara Maierhofer at

The charity food truck is expected to hit the streets in July.