SF: Food Trucks Hit Bump in the Road

Kasa Indian Eatery


Kasa Indian Eatery

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — The foodie phenomenon of mobile vendors is hitting bumps in the road for some entrepreneurs in San Francisco.

In March, the city adopted rules designed to make it easier and cheaper for food trucks to get permits. But that process also allows for nearby neighbors and businesses to object.

So far two applications have been approved and three given a tentative OK, but it was tough going at a public hearing Wednesday for a vendor who is trying to park at six locations, including a spot in the Financial District.

“The Kasa food truck would bring life to this block and bring culturally diverse street food,” Kasa Indian Eatery spokesperson Anamika Kharra said.

But traditional brick and mortar restaurants call it unfair competition.

“We are all paying extremely high rents and we are all struggling under tough economic conditions,” Moniesh Josan said.

There was no decision Wednesday on the case. Seven others also face objections.

There are about 150 food trucks on San Francisco’s streets but they were approved before the new rules went into effect.