SF: Food Trucks Spice Up Larkspur Ferry Parking Lot

by Marin Independent Journal Editorial

THE FOOD TRUCKS that are selling to-go meals to departing ferry riders at the Larkspur terminal might prove to be more than a tasty convenience for commuters.

The Golden Gate Bridge District invited the vendors to park and serve up meals in the terminal’s parking lot on Fridays from 4 p.m. into early evening through September.

The foodie entrepreneurs get to peddle their offerings to the 1,000 or more commuters heading home from the ferries. Commuters get the convenience of picking up a meal from these gourmet kitchens on wheels.

The bridge district hopes the trucks will attract enough commuters to ease the traffic jam leaving the parking lot after ferries disgorge.

The district also hopes there’s revenue in charging five trucks for the right to set up shop at the busy ferry terminal. The district will receive a piece of the gross revenue vendors earn from ferry business.

The food-truck phenomenon has swept the nation in the past few years, with vendors becoming popular fixtures at farmers markets as well as at busy spots in cities.

Last Friday, on what amounted to a sneak preview for the trucks at the terminal, the food ranged from ribs and pizza to cupcakes and curry.

The culinary addition to the ferry parking lot officially kicks off this afternoon at 4.

How well the vendors do will depend on their food and on commuters’ willingness to slow down and check out

something new.

We commend the Golden Gate Bridge District for trying something new and bringing a little fun and flair to an ocean of parking spaces and the workaday routine of commuters getting off the ferry, getting into their cars and heading home.

This just might encourage commuters to slow down and smell the curry — or barbecue.