SF: Levi Plaza’s Taco Truck Hit, Outside Lands’ Food Firsts, More!

By Carolyn Alburger | Eater San Francisco

San Fran – LEVI PLAZA – Today an unbranded taco truck with a menu scrawled on a piece of yellow legal paper mysteriously appeared at Waterfront Plaza. The picture above shows a line around the block, which lasted throughout the lunch hour. Rather insane for a simple taco truck, wouldn’t you say? Apparently lines are “incredible” at the Piperade daytime lunch service window, too. According to our tipstress, “offices out here…are ‘starving’ for good food options.” Her plea to the food trucks out there: “come to our food desert and bring us a new oasis.” Apparently Williams-Sonoma is going to ramp up its once monthly food truck service soon, but is that really enough? Matt Cohen, you on this? [EaterWire]