Sioux Falls, SD: Food Falls – New(ish) Food Truck Not What we’re Used To, Still Fine

By Cory Myers   |  Argus Leader


Whether it was Curb Belly, Curbside Diamond, Look’s Food Truck or Bite Me Mobile Bistro, the one common thread our city’s food trucks had was made-to-order cooking. These were original dishes, created by the owners, and, if I can borrow from local celebrity Chef Dominique, very likely seasoned with love.

Well, all but one of those four has closed (the truck of Curbside Diamond is constantly in some sort of repair and not consistently out and about) in what was a pretty quick one-year boom for Sioux Falls.

And now, trying a different tack, Hunny & Bunny has recently joined the market. In operation since May, the food truck now occupies the corner of 9th Street and Main Avenue downtown most weekday lunchtimes. The family-run business’ menu is almost entirely pre-made, packaged foods, from burgers to gyros to hot dogs.

It’s a far cry from the gourmet offerings of its predecessors, but that certainly doesn’t mean there’s not a place for it. As Sioux Falls continues to grow as a city, city street food is bound to become more popular. We have a distinct disadvantage in the weather category, and have yet to reach a critical mass of downtown living and working to really make these places viable it seems.

But last week, I was able to walk a couple blocks from work, pick up two gyros, despite not being freshly made and nowhere near what you get at Nick’s, that weren’t horrible and eat on the street while I enjoyed a little Sculpture Walk.

That’s a good thing, and I hope we get more of it.