Slidin’ Thru – Hittin’ the Hot Streets of Vegas

Slidin' Thru Food Truck


Slidin' Thru Food Truck

In 2010, I got hooked on the Food Channel’s The Great Food Truck Race which is a reality television show featuring teams of specialty food trucks competing against each other. The show was very engaging as they competed across the United Stated, cooking, driving and selling food to make money. After watching the series I told myself that the food looks like it would taste real good and I would go to one in a heartbeat. Remember, that this is not your run-of-the-mill “roach coach” frequented by construction workers, these are speciality food trucks dishing up highly sophisticated meals with a twist.

Slidin' Thru Comic Book Motif

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to go to the Vegas StrEATS Festival, it was held downtown and offered about ten different food trucks. The Festival has been held since March of 2010 and happens on the second Saturday of each month. Many of the trucks use Twitter or their web site to keep everyone posted on their whereabouts. Facebook also enables them to talk to their fans and keep everyone up to date. This was the first time that I tried out the Slidin’ Thru slider truck, they specialize in mini gourmet burgers. The term “slider” usually conjures up the grease laden belly bombers from White Castle from back in the day. Well these aren’t your dad’s sliders, these are mini bites of flavor with ingredients like grilled eggplant, Roma tomatoes, arugula, caramelized jalapeño, feta and balsamic reduction.

From left: Pep Pep, Captain's Order and Pulled Porky

I recently had a second chance to sample most of the slider combinations they offer. I had the Pep Pep, Captian’s Order, and the Pulled Porky, the time before was the YaYa and the Barby. So I have covered all of them except the Carprese (next time). I will give you the run down in order of my favorites, Pulled Porky was the best, follow by the Barby, Pep Pep, Yaya, and Captian’s Order. All of the burgers were fully loaded and had a lot to offer. The Porky was stuffed with pulled pork which contrasted with the spiciness of the caramelized jalapeños and the sweetness of the BBQ sauce and I needed a fork to gather up the spilled bits of goodness, nothing to waste. The Fries both regular and sweet potato fries really surprised me with how good they are coming out a food truck. The burgers were cooked to perfection and prepared with detail in mind. This actually seems to be one of their down falls, the waiting time.  If you are in a hurry and there is a long line, be prepared to wait a while.

The colorful Slidin’ Thru truck is wrapped in a comic book style motif and can’t be missed.  The Mexi-Cokes and Sprite drinks are all served in  old school glass bottles and need to be opened with a bottle opener. The prices are good, $7 will buy you 3 sliders in any combination, and at 3 you will be full.

They currently have a sit down restaurant located at 955 Grier Drive near Sunset and Paradise, phone 702-220-3888

Hours are: MON-THU (10:30 AM – 12 AM) and FRI-SUN (OPEN 24/7)

They also tell us that they have two more stores opening soon on the northwest and southwest end of town.