Smithfield, VA: Granny’s Kitchen Food Truck in Smithfield

By Patrick Evans – Hylton  |  Costal Virginia Mag


Many times we eat with our eyes first, but sometimes the nose gets the initial indication of what’s to come. That’s often the case when folks approach Granny’s Kitchen, a food truck in Smithfield.

Riding the winds from chef/owner Scott Horne’s mobile eatery, you may inhale hickory notes from smoked pork butt, earthy aromas from a pot of braised kale, or the sweet fragrance from a peach-bourbon bread pudding.

It’s classic country fare, but reworked to appeal to a modern palate through ingredients and methods. It’s Granny, but she just came back from a makeover weekend at a trendy spa.

For menus and a location schedule, call 540-998-9668- or visit their website