Spokane, WA: Spokane Leaders Making it Easier for Food Truck Start-Ups

By Othelo Richards | KREM.com


SPOKANE, Wash. — The City of Spokane is looking into ways to make it easier for food vendors to go mobile.

City leaders said they are getting more interest from entrepreneurs who want to run a mobile food truck or food cart business in Spokane.

Leaders admit that the current process of getting permitted to run a mobile truck can feel confusing.

Spokesperson for the city, Marlene Feist said, “What we are trying to do is improve the rules so that people who want to do these kinds of businesses have an easier time doing business with the city.”

Last year Joile Forral and her business partner got a food truck on their own.

“The biggest issue was trying to find and figure out what regulations we needed to have, what’s required of us as far as the truck,” said Forral.

The city regulations vary depending how and where the vendor operates and officials believe the rules are too generic.

Officials say the city is looking to make consistent and easy to understand rules each business will have to deal with in order to encourage more mobile vendors.

The city hosted a meeting Tuesday night until 6:30 at the downtown Spokane City Library to discuss the issue.