Spray on REAL Flavor

Panini using natural Buttermist® pan and food spray.

By MobileFoodNews.com


Panini using natural Buttermist® pan and food spray.

We realize that many food truck operators are not concerned about saving calories or reducing the amount of fat in the food they serve. Nonetheless, we’ve noted some remarkable benefits, aside from healthier food, associated with using natural Buttermist® pan and food spray.

That said, it was initially the 450° F smoke point that got us excited about putting Buttermist to the test at our Mobile Food News test kitchen. Admittedly, we were also curious about the claim that one 14 oz. can provides enough butter coating for 500 grilled cheese sandwiches, though our culinary research staff of three weren’t quite up for the task of putting together 500 sandwiches (we’re not lazy, we just don’t like to waste food).

So, here’s what we learned firsthand:

1. Very high smoke point means that panini and other grilled sandwiches come off the grill clean and burning is truly minimized. The grill also cleans up easily.

2. Spraying on natural butter flavor is far more convenient and economical than applying butter with a knife, or melting butter and applying with a pastry brush.

3. We sprayed Buttermist directly on chicken breast and salmon, prior to grilling and locked in more flavor and moisture than the samples we grilled without the product being applied.

4. The flavor of Buttermist sprayed on panini and grilled cheese sandwiches truly rivals that of traditional butter, and sandwiches were produced with less greasiness and fat (though we understand that some people like their grilled sandwiches greasy and fatty)

We also tested Garlic Buttermist – and were blown away at how easily we could produce tasty, aromatic garlic bread, without the need to press fresh garlic or manually spread butter. We also liked the garlic butter flavor it adds to panini sandwiches, chicken breast and salmon. Our resident chef also tells us that by spraying Garlic Buttermist on soups or any garlicky foods just prior to serving will enhance the taste experience due to the increased natural garlic smell.

Our conclusions: Buttermist and Garlic Buttermist naturally add flavor, whether used strictly as a high performing pan spray or applied directly to food. We like the fact that there are only six ingredients listed on the label. Mostly, we think these products are worth a trial for most owner operators because of the economical advantages – specifically time/labor, storage and being non-perishable. See for yourself – for a limited time, owner/operators can receive a free sample of these and other Butterbuds Foodservice products.