Staten Island, NYC: RI Man Uses Food Truck For Sandy Relief

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By Abbey Niezgoda |

The relief efforts continue to come in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, but one Rhode Island man is answering the call for help with his food truck.

Tony Hall stocked up his kitchen with donations at Restaurant Depot in Cranston before heading to Staten Island. Many are still without power there after Hurricane Sandy, so Hall is bringing the restaurant to them.

However, once he arrives, he will not be the only cook on his food truck.

“One of our goals is to allow families to come in and actually cook a meal for their family,” Hall said. “Cook it the way they would like it.”

They are small comforts like letting people season their own food that Hall hopes will make a big difference.

“We have an 8 foot long counter so you could have two or three people cooking meals at the same time.”

The set up comes from experience. The windows of his truck are plastered with newspaper clippings about him cooking for the victims of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

A new disaster brings a new wish list of donations he needs before he takes off including propane tanks and non-perishables. Strangers dropped of items by the bag and by the truck Thursday. Together they add up to one man’s recipe for relief.

“For a long time I’ve asked myself why I do this,” Hall said. “And I think it is seeing how happy people are when I get there. That makes me happy.”

Hall left for Staten Island Thursday night, but if you would still like to help you can contact him directly at 401-406-1683.