Stormville, NY: Food Truck Festival and car show are the perfect match

By Donna Kessler  |  Recorn Online

Stormville Airport runways still exist. The surface may be cracked and weeds are poking through but those runways have welcomed some really sweet “rides” from both New York and Connecticut recently and even have included some from New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well. They have all come for the annual Border Wars Bike and Car Show. It takes place about twice a year.

Promoter Don Clady of Connecticut Cruise News spares no expense to make this show successful and tries to draw as much attention as he can in Connecticut. You see, it’s called “Border Wars.” Basically it’s “My Ride” representing New York against Clady representing Connecticut, to see who can draw the most participants. I’m not bragging, but Mr. Clady is still trying to win the trophy back from New York.

All in all, it’s a really fun day and it’s great to meet new folks and see some different rides. Connecticut has some nice ones. The show runs in conjunction with the Stormville Wine and Food Truck Festival. This festival has some amazing food and music. It really complements the car show and participants enjoy it.

At the end of the day the Top 60 trophies were awarded as well as some Specialty Awards. Special thanks to the Dutchess Cruisers who helped with registration and parking.

Clady is thinking already to next year and is working hard to figure out just how to capture the trophy from New York. Thank you to all the New Yorker’s who participated!