Submit a Video for a Chance to be Filmed for an Eat St. Segment

By STAFF | Eat St.

From Oct. 21 to Nov. 24, 2011,  Eat St. is encouraging vendors across Canada and the United States to submit a short video of their food cart for the chance to be filmed for an Eat St. segment, just like you would see on the show! The video may appear on TV and/or on the Eat St. website and will be given to the winner to use and distribute as they please. Eat St. fans will vote from Nov. 24 to Dec. 15, 2011 for the vendor they would most like to see on the television show. The five videos with the highest number of votes will win the Fan Favourite award and will be eligible to win the grand prize – an Eat St. segment starring their cart!

It’s important to note that you will be judged on the content in your video – your story, your food, your cart, but not the quality of the video itself. Shoot the video with any device you can and don’t worry about how professional it looks. Videos can be 5 – 90 seconds in length. Short and sweet is better than long and drawn-out! By entering the contest, you will also be entering your business information into the Eat St. App, giving you visibility to nearly 300,000 hungry Eat St. App users.