Summer Schedules for Orlando’s Food Truck Fiends

Big Wheel's Chef Tony Adams

by Anjali Fluker | Orlando Business Journal

Big Wheel's Chef Tony Adams

The food truck revolution has taken hold of Orlando., which organized our area’s first-ever Food Truck Bazaar in March and held one more about a month ago, has released its summer schedule featuring nine food truck gatherings on Sundays in three different locations: Oviedo Marketplace, Orlando Fashion Square and Parliament House Resort.

My mouth is already watering with visions of barbecue, sandwiches, gourmet fries, cupcakes and all the ethnic dishes.

The summer series debuts at 6 p.m. on June 12 at Oviedo Marketplace. See the full schedule — plus a great list of tips on what to expect — here. also reports we’re getting our first soul food truck, Mama’s Fixins Soul Food & BBQ, at the first of the summer Food Truck Bazaars. The truck is run by Kimberly Abrams-Parson, who launched her catering business, Mama’s Fixins LLC, in 2007.

The food truck business has been a super success at organized events, including the weekly pods, or small gatherings of trucks in downtown Orlando’s Firestone Live parking lot or at Lake Lily in Maitland. But the daily business beyond the events has been harder to conquer, as it is with any new business, said Chef Tony Adams of the Big Wheel Truck.

“Our target demographic has completely shifted away from what we thought it was going to be, and it has been really tough to nail down what our most efficient operating hours and such are,” Adams said. “This food truck has been the most challenging project I have ever done in my career.”

Despite that, his brand has grown ever popular and he does have a group of dedicated customers, as do many of the other trucks in town.

Just be forewarned: If you decide to make a stop at the Big Wheel Truck for lunch in downtown Orlando and you buy the Capt’n Eli’s Blueberry Pop, be ready to explain yourself to the bike cops. I recently had to do just that when two of Orlando’s finest wanted to make sure I wasn’t walking around with a bottle of beer.

Are you a food truck fiend? Or have you been slow to follow mobile eateries? Leave a comment below or e-mail me.