TABASCO for Foodservice

From food trucks to cloth table service, if you’re in the foodservice industry, you know that customers prefer brand names they know. Restaurants that serve brand-name items can count on increased traffic, and customers are inclined to pay more for a menu item that features a brand-name ingredient.

TABASCO® has unique brand strength. Quite simply, TABASCO® is synonymous with pepper sauce. Whether it’s front-of-house or back, TABASCO® Sauce is requested by name by more people than any other pepper sauce brand. With patrons’ growing love of hot and spicy food, TABASCO® is quickly becoming a staple of everyone’s dining experience.

By putting the power of brands to work for you, you can see increased sales, greater profits, and higher customer satisfaction. Almost 42% of all consumers say they’ll pay more for a menu item if it features a brand-name ingredient.* With a product as versatile as TABASCO®, your restaurant has almost unlimited options for new menu items.

Your patrons want brand-name items to be a part of their dining experience, and TABASCO® is a brand that customers ask for by name again and again. Adding TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauces to your menu items and placing them on your tabletop is one of the best ways to positively influence your customers’ perceptions of your restaurant and bring in more profits and sales.

To see some great examples of how the TABASCO® brand can work for you, take a look at our Recipes and our Promotions.


McIlhenny Company is America’s premier manufacturer of Pepper Sauces, and with our dedication to quality and tradition, it’s easy to see why. TABASCO® is the only nationally and globally advertised brand of pepper sauce. We have a company history that spans over 140 years, and we use that experience every day in our exciting foodservice division.

The Value of TABASCO® Foodservice

TABASCO® has been active for many years in the foodservice industry, and we know how important it is to increase your topline sales and your bottomline profits. That’s why TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauces are such great values for both your front-of-house and back-of-house . . . it’s easy to not only sell more items but at a higher profit margin. And with so many professional recipes available, it’s easy to see how TABASCO® sauces can spice up any menu.

Less potent brands try to compensate for lack of heat and flavor by adding salt and recommending that you use more product. But that can alter the consistency and texture of a dish. Original TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauce actually rounds out and enhances other flavors. Just one teaspoon of Original TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauce supplies as much spicy flavor as several teaspoons of other brands.

Use TABASCO® Foodservice to Increase Sales

We think you’ll find that using TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauces is a fun and profitable way of increasing both your sales and profits, because so much really can come from one little bottle.

Restaurant Patrons Appreciate a Commitment to Quality.

Using TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauces front-of-house is one of the easiest ways to show your customers your commitment to quality. Operators who use a leading brand like TABASCO® front-of-house are conveying that they only use top quality ingredients back-of-house.

Restaurant Patrons Ask for TABASCO® by Name.

TABASCO® is the only brand of pepper sauce your customers ask for by name, and seeing it on your tabletops will send a definite message of quality to your patrons.

Menu items made with TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauces are not only delicious . . . they’re also profitable. TABASCO® is one of the few brands that is guaranteed to bring additional sales when included in a dish. And there aren’t many brands that are as versatile as TABASCO®. You can use it in professional and restaurant recipes ranging from entrees and appetizers to mixed drinks and even desserts.

TABASCO® Brings Out the Flavor of Every Meal.

Every food lover knows that TABASCO® has a distinctive taste that brings out the flavor of just about any meal. Customers are willing to pay for products containing TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauces because Original TABASCO® Sauce it is an American Icon that delivers customer satisfaction. This icon status can be a tie-in benefit for operators. And, due to its concentrated formula, TABASCO® is used by the drop, providing tremendous yield for operators. Plus, it is the only pepper sauce aged for up to 3 years in oak barrels.

Tap into bold & flavorful food trends with the whole TABASCO® Family of Flavors® on your tabletops. Our Family of Flavors® includes Original TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauce, TABASCO® brand Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce, TABASCO® brand Garlic Pepper Sauce, TABASCO® brand Habanero Sauce, TABASCO® brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce, and TABASCO® brand SWEET & Spicy Pepper Sauce. Customers want variety in pepper sauce taste and heat levels, and the TABASCO® Family of Flavors® satisfies that need.

Learn More About the Power of TABASCO®.

To learn more about the power of the TABASCO® brand and how to make it work for your business, look at our brands sections. Check out the benefits of our Family of Flavors®. Or read about customer Perception to find out about the ‘Hot ‘n’ Spicy’ consumer trend of bold flavors and why your customers are willing to pay more for TABASCO®– enhanced menu items. Finally, don’t miss our Promotions section, where you can learn more about how we can work together to promote TABASCO®– flavored dishes in your restaurant.