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Los Angeles, CA: LAX Puts Food Truck Inside Terminal, Announces Rotating Chefs

The food truck-airport relationship was started at the Tampa International Airport in Florida last December, where they invited the vehicles to park and sell food in the cellphone lo

Los Angeles, CA: Los Angeles Airport Caters to Foodies with a Fake Truck Inside...

The food truck craze that has swept the nation will soon roll up to Los Angeles International Airport.

Stockholm, SWE: Swedish Food Truck Dishes Up Airport Cuisine

For $10, hungry patrons can dine on dishes like braised veal, pulled pork, truffle risotto, lasagna and ramen soup with wasabi-marinated smoked salmon.

National News: Food Trucks Now Landing at Airports, Cellphone Lots

The airport food truck trend started with Tampa International Airport in Florida, which began inviting food trucks to park at its cellphone lot in December 2012 during a curbside parking rule transition. That program worked so well that now a different food truck pulls into the cellphone lot — and to a spot near the terminal — each weekday, with the schedule posted on the Tampa airport Facebook page.

National News: A New Airport Dining Option – Food trucks

A number of airports are allowing food trucks to set up shop in or near cellphone lots where people wait to pick up passengers. The trucks, which often showcase regional foods, cater to travelers, those picking them up and airport employees.

San Francisco, CA: SFO Starts Weekly Food Truck Market Thursday Morning

Officials will soon examine the food trucks' success and whether this should become a recurring event.

National News: Food Trucks Take Flight

AIRPORTS AROUND the country are making passenger pickups a more tempting task, allowing gourmet food trucks to dish up their specialties in parking lots—and soon, in the terminals

National News: Airports Using Food Trucks To Satisfy Customers

Airport dining just got a whole lot better! Several airports have brought in food trucks for a couple of different purposes, and it seems to be catching on.

Tampa, Fl: Latest Airport Food Trend? Trucks

Tampa International has the most robust offering. The program started in mid-November as a way to service the throngs of people waiting in the cell phone parking lot to pick up loved ones during the busy holiday travel season. The 30-day trial was such a success that the airport has extended the program through August, with a new food truck every day.

Tampa, FL: Tampa International Airport temporarily adds food trucks to Cell Phone Waiting Lot

A whole new reason has been added to those contemplating taking advantage of Tampa International Airport's Cell Phone Waiting Lot -- food trucks offering a wide range of menu items.