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Akron, OH: Supporting Akron – Akron Food Truck Fridays

Burritos, tacos, donuts, tacos, sandwiches, tacos, hot dogs, tacos, sushi, tacos, fresh popsicles, tacos… and did I mention more tacos? Believe it or not, I’m not listing the menu for your local Taco Bell. Frolic my fellow Akronites to Akron Food Truck Fridays!

Akron, OH: Another Food Truck Friday

Akron Radio Center hosted yet another great Food Truck Friday.

Akron, OH: Grab your Galley Boy from the New Swensons Food Truck

The food truck is available for any event from company meetings, to concerts to graduation parties. In fact, Swensons officials say the food truck is popular at wedding receptions.

Akron, OH: Swenson’s Drive-In Hits the Streets on New Food Truck

The idea to purchase a food truck was intended to alleviate pressure off the existing stores, which have been pumping out burgers for special events in addition to their regular loads.

Akron, OH: Food Trucks Rev Up Their Fight for a Place in Akron

If truck operators can find private property on which to park, they will come to Akron. Winer and Sabo have found a roundabout way into the city — they signed up to be a vendor at the Countryside Conservancy’s Highland Square Farmers Market, so they can park there every Thursday during market season to sell.