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Minneapolis, MN: Check, Please – Discover A Food Truck

Each weekday morning, Janna Gustin rises well before dawn and bakes croissants — plain, chocolate, almond, ham-Gruyère — in the kitchen of an Uptown restaurant, loads them in her cheery yellowPaulette Bakery truck and heads to downtown Minneapolis, selling them from 7 to 10 a.m. to a growing clientele.

Vancouver, BC: Street Food – The Juice Truck

The Juice Truck, recently started operating as a street vendor in Gastown (at Water and Abbott Sts.)

Coolhaus Opening Brick and Mortar in July

Around the shop one will also notice original truck parts integrated into the space.

NYC: Tom Colicchio Camps Out in HBO Food Truck

All this week, Colicchio is serving free food (including meats like rabbit, duck, squab and venison) from trucks in NYC and LA.

Portland: Trailer Thursday – PBJ’s

PBJ’s is a modest-looking cart in the northwest part of Portland. But the gourmet peanut butter–inspired sandwiches they serve are hardly the snack some of us gobble in desperation.