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Los Angeles, CA: What’s Up with the Food Trucks?

From grilled cheese, to weird things like lasagna bowels and bacon filled corn dogs wrapped in spaghetti, you’ll find it all at a food truck near you (or me actually)!

Jacksonville, FL: Delicious Burgers on Wheels

For the big eaters out there, try “The Bombshell”. This is a ½ pound burger sandwiched between two bacon grilled cheese melts, topped with grilled onions and served with a side of Baby’s special sauce. Talk about a burger! If you’re not into eating beef, Baby’s also offers a turkey and veggie burger

New York, NY: Cheesesteak & Eggs for Breakfast from Phil’s Steaks

Without a lot of room on food trucks for storage, they basically use the same ingredients for breakfast as lunch, with the addition of eggs, bacon and sausage to the menu.

New York, NY: Street Eats – The Chihuahua from Crif Dogs

Befitting a Mexican-themed dish, the Chihuahua had avocado and sour cream on opposite sides of the bacon-wrapped hot dog.

Phoenix, AZ: Stone Bread Pizza Hits the Valley Food Truck Scene

Made with ingredients like pork belly bacon from The Meat Shop, uncured pepperoni from California-based Zoe's Meats, and the Khademi's signature turkey sausage, look for pizzas from Saffron Jak to include the J-Mex with roasted corn, squash, black beans, purple potato, and cotija cheese; the Super Greeky featuring olives, cherry tomatoes, pepperocinis, Medjool dates, and feta; and a creation called the Chicken and Waffle House with housemade fried chicken, maple bacon, country gravy, and mozzarella.

Vancouver, CAN: 14 Vancouver Food Trucks Worth A Visit — and Revisit (with map)

Street foods can be kryptonite for health geeks. But not here. Salads with a base of quinoa, soba noodles or brown rice. Not rabbit food!

Seattle, WA: Paleo Food Truck Outside the Box Officially Hits the Streets

Paleo for the people. Especially the people at CrossFit studios.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Fancy Grits from The Steel Cart

The fried egg also had a little crispiness around the edges, but our favorite part of the egg is the yolk. Breaking up the soft yellow yolk helped us spread yolky love all over the bacon and gouda cheese.

San Francisco, CA: Burning Bacon

An inside look at a neighborhood dispute that became an international media feeding frenzy — and it's all about bacon

Phoenix, AZ: The Best Food Trucks and Food Porn for Metal Fans

The menu is food porn for metallers at its finest, and changes with daily specials like the Molly Hatchet, a half-pound burger with sausage fennel gravy, maple syrup and bacon.