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Arlington: Police Inspections of Food Trucks Continue

“Showed him my permit and he was on his way. I love Arlington,” truck owner Patrick Rathbone tweeted. Today, while the truck was serving customers in Crystal City, another call for police.

D.C.: Bada Bing Food Truck in Arlington

After stints cooking in Napa Valley restaurants and as a private chef in New York, Terzella settled in Arlington to start a business of his own.

Bada Bing Food Truck Sticks It Out In The Cold

The guys at the Bada Bing Food Truck seemed to be no exception as they camped out at a relatively new location in front of Courthouse today.

Causes to Celebrate: Charity, Wine, Poutine

You don't need scientific studies on the benefits of alcohol to feel OK about drinking tonight, even though it's a Monday. "It's for...

Bada Bing Truck Serves Up Tastes of Philly and Upstate New York

I stumbled across one of the area's newest food trucks, Bada Bing Cheesesteaks & Spiedies.