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Bangkok, THA: TAT to organise Street Food Makeover Festival 2016

The event is designed to further popularise the consumption of delicious Thai street food amongst visitors by helping roadside vendors improve both the quality of the food as well as the design of their stalls.

Bangkok, THA: Potluck on the food streets of Bangkok

The writer savours the famed street food of Bangkok, explains how politics plays out on the platter and finds out why Pad Thai is a fraud

National News: LA Chef Talks Inspiration from Travel for New Dishes

For any chef, inspiration for a new dish is almost always comprised of experiences, memories and travel that can be tasted through the flavor.

Bangkok, TH: Street Food Vendors in Bangkok, Thailand

It’s always fascinating to watch street food vendors, especially in foreign countries. Visitors as well as locals are captivated by each cook with their own make-shift cart.