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Washingon, DC: More Food Truck Regulation Worries; LA Taco Truck

The DC Food Truck Association put out a statement this week that the proposed new regulations would make trucks illegal in most of the downtown area. They've created a map to prove their point, too. The Association has scheduled an open meeting April 1 for all food truck operators to discuss the proposed laws.

Washington, DC: Curbed – Could New Regulations Kill D.C.’s Food Truck Culture?

If the D.C. Council passes the regulations as they are now written, Basil Thyme may not be the only food truck putting the brakes on business. Several food truck owners say they are considering shutting down or moving their operations to Virginia, Maryland, or other states if the regulations prove too limiting.

Washington, DC: Basil Thyme Food Trucks Closing Up for Good

Basil Thyme, whose pasta and lasagna trucks are the highest rated food trucks on Yelp, is putting the brakes on its operations.

Washington, DC: Basil, Thyme, and a Sous-Vide Truck in DC?

An interview with Basil Thyme's founder Brian Farrell

Basil Thyme, Rolling Ficelle, and Feelin’ Crabby: Food Truck Early Looks

Washington's food-truck fleet seems to grow bigger by the day.