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Brussels, BEL: The Ultimate Guide To Street Food In Brussels

When looking for a quick bite, Brussels has an abundance of hearty street foods not easily found abroad.

Denver, CO: Waffle Up Delivers A Taste of Belgium with Liege Waffles. Sweet!

The large chunks of sugar crystallize when baked on the waffle iron, giving the outside of the waffle a slight crunch and leaving the center soft and warm.

Montreal, CAN: Food Truck Preview – Gaufrabec

The truck was opened by Belgian-native Anissa Benomar, who worked in a bakery in Brussels for over six years before deciding to move to Montreal. “Waffles were my specialty, and I loved making them. It smells good, it’s tender and it’s fresh.”

Vancouver, CAN: Food Cart Frenzy Continues in Vancouver

Fifteen new vendors will set up shop this summer