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Los Angeles, CA: Firehouse Chefs Food Truck at BET Networks in LA for lunch!

September 9, 2009, We will be at BET Networks in LA for lunch! Stop by and check it out and have a bite for lunch!

Cape Elizabeth, ME: Fort Williams Food Truck Invited to National Lobster Roll Competition

Tickets are almost sold out for the Tasting Table’s annual “Lobster Roll Rumble." Each competitor will be serving 1,300 lobster rolls in one night

San Francisco, CA: Food Truck Bite of the Week: Flatbread Sandwiches at Vesta

At peak lunch time, a total 10 minutes from the end of the line to food in hand.

New York, NYC: NYSF First Look – The Crif Dogs Truck

Crif Dogs started out on St Marks Place in the East Village, then expanded to another location in Williamsburg.

London, UK: Food Truck of the Week – The Meringue Girls

Each one of the bite-sized treats is handmade using natural ingredients and free-range eggs and comes in unique flavours like matcha green tea, pistachio with rosewater, strawberry and black pepper or coconut and hazelnut.

Tori Spelling Orders From a Food Truck at the E! Network

Tori Spelling was spotted leaving the E! building and heading straight for the food trucks parked outside to grab a bite yesterday…

Food Network Filming “Eat Street” аt Beverly Hills Porsche

Food Network Canada followed a few οf thе Los Angeles food trucks fοr a special "Eat Street" TV ѕhοw. Thеу caught up wіth thе world famous Grilled Cheese Truck melting cheesy treats іn front οf thе Beverly Hills Service Center οn Santa Monica Blvd.