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Philadelphia, PA: Rocco Whalen’s Food Truck at Alla Spina Industry Night

Rocco Whalen drove to Philadelphia from Cleveland in ShortRib1, the Fahrenheit food truck, to take part in May Industry Night at Alla Spina. The don’t-miss slate of offerings includes kimchi dogs, Thai chicken meatballs and a pork belly BLT.

Tampa, FL: Spotlight Stokes Fans’ Hunger

Cooking Channel show "Eat Street" is expected to do the same for the area's growing food truck community

Go Burger Truck: First Eat

Go Burger's parent is a hospitality company known to non-New Yorkers as the BLT Steak chain.

Baltimore’s Next Food Truck – “Miss Shirley’s”

Owners Eddie Dopkin and son David Dopkin will be taking their completely outfitted truck, pictured, on the road on June 1.

Startup Tips From 5 Successful Food Truck Entrepreneurs

Here five innovative food truck entrepreneurs share how they found success.

LA: Spiked Milkshakes & Tasty Burgers Await You at Go Burger

The folks at New York-based BLT have had such success with their food truck (called Go Burger) that they’ve opened brick-and-mortar restaurants.

LA: Get Your Lard On

Lardon took to the streets in the fall of 2010 (does that make them relative newcomers or total dinosaurs?). They’ve come to Altadena a number of times since then, usually up on Lake near the Coffee Gallery, a spot first carved out by Kogi.