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It’s a Food Truck Frenzy

Street food has long been an ingredient in the flavour of cities from Saigon to Seattle.

On-Wheels Food Fad Caters to New Breed of Diners

In L.A. mobile food vendor applications have quadrupled in the past two years.

Seattle: Gourmet Food Trucks Invade Capitol Hill

Judging by the number of people sitting on nearby curbs as they devoured hamburgers, asparagus risotto and sandwiches, the day was a success.

Touring the Nation’s Food Trucks & Bringing it Back to Chicago

Food Trucks is part travel guide, part cookbook and part biography of a trend. Starting in the well-established food truck cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oahu, Hawaii and spreading north and east from there.

Portland: Food Carts Featured on The Cooking Channel’s New Series ‘Eat Street’

Tonight, the show's second episode profiles the downtown cart Brunch Box, which is known for hefty sandwiches and burgers.

Check Out Time Out’s Food Truck Summit on April 19

Time Out Chicago has been on the forefront of covering food truck issues in Chicago, so it makes sense that they’d be sponsoring the first food truck summit on April 19.