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Portland, OR: OLCC Approves Portland Food Cart Liquor Permit

"Cartlandia" owner Roger Goldingay applied for a liquor license earlier this year for a beer garden

Dallas: Sigel’s Winter Food Truck Festival Canceled

Food Truck Festival canceled"due to increased requirements from the City of Dallas."

Fatty Crab’s ‘Pullcart’ Opens in Central Park’s Bethesda Terrace

Park-goers can now enjoy a pulled pork sandwich and a glass of wine overlooking one of Central Park's most treasured locales.

NYC: What You’ve Always Wanted in a Food Truck — Booze!

The Pera Turkish Taco Truck, stationed daily at the tourist office and gift shop has won what is apparently the first liquor license granted to a New York City food truck.

Dallas, TX: Buy Some Booze, Try a Food Truck at Sigel’s

Sigel’s is “rolling out” a partnership with several Dallas food trucks as well as Il Cane Rosso.

Houston: Feasting Fun at Menu of Menus

For the first time since the Houston Press has put on the yearly dining event -- a food truck court outside.

Foodspotting Turns Up Heat on Austin’s Food Trucks

Because Austin pairs an extremely creative food palette with a fair share of techies, the food truck–trailer scene has boomed in the city thanks to services like Twitter and Foursquare.

Miami: Wynwood’s Second Saturday Circus

In preparation for this weekend's art walk, Wynwood gallery owners have been asking a different question: How valuable is the wildly popular art crawl if the crowds are coming not to buy — or even view — the art, but to drink the free booze?