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Food Trucks: Is the Michelin Guide Next?

Appel and Hiller know a good food truck scene when they see it.

Boston: Diners “Chasing” Food Trucks in Back Bay, Fenway-Kenmore

Chef David Harnik said the new food truck locations are going great

Orlando Food Trucks Becoming a HIT! (video)

Orlando Food Trucks are the newest restaurant trend to hit Orlando. Orlando Sentinel, Daily City and a few other media outlets have been featuring them because they’ve been popping up in more popular areas like Colonial and Mills and downtown.

Food Trucks Roll Into Orlando (video)

Aspiring restaurant owners are setting up shop in parking lots all over Orlando, trying to mimic the food-truck scenes of Los Angeles and New York. They're serving barbecue, gourmet salads, foie gras and cupcakes.

DC Food Truck: CapMac

The trucks in DC operate on an 'ice cream license', which I found out means they can only stop for business if there is a line.