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San Fernando Valley, CA: NYSF In LA – Weisswurst from Germany’s Famous Bratwurst

Bratwurst is made with pork, but weisswurst is made with veal. Weisswurst means “white sausage” in German, and this wurst has a lighter color and taste than most other wurst. It’s not as heavily spiced as bratwurst or garlicky like knockwurst.

The Bratwurst King Testing His Food Truck In Reston, Va.

Antoni is "The Bratwurst King," and he is testing the waters to see if Reston is ready for food trucks.

LA: Crepes Bonaparte Founder Rolls Out New Food Truck ‘Brats Berlin’

Fullerton-based Crepes Bonaparte Founder Christian Murcia is moving forward with plans for a new wheeled kitchen: the Brats Berlin German bratwurst truck.

Winnipeg, CAN: Ethnic Food Carts – Why Not?

But why is it that Winnipeg, home of Folklorama, doesn't sell anything more interesting from its mobile vending carts?


So yesterday I went over to the same spot for lunch on Alameda, and there was another choice to make – Border Grill or Let’s Be Frank.

LA: Food Truck Friday – Bowers Gourmet Sausages

There are few acts so graceless as eating a bacon-wrapped hot dog from Bowers Gourmet Sausages (@BowersSausages).

VIDEO – Denmark: The Danish Pølsevogn (hot dog)

Hotdogs and hotdog stands are popular almost everywhere, but I don't think anywhere takes the concept of sausage and bread as seriously as the Danes. A Danish hotdog stand called a pølsevogn can be found on almost any major street or torv in Denmark.