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Edmonton, CAN: S’wich Food Truck Hits the Mark with Hand-Crafted Bread, Cured Meats and...

I sampled one of his mortadella sandwich at a recent What the Truck?! event, and could not believe the taste and texture of the mortadella, which was gloriously studded with pistachios. Make sure and indulge in an artisanal ice cream sandwich if you’ve got room for dessert.

Nashville, TN: Nashville Food Trucks Book Launch Party this Saturday (Plus a Giveaway)

Nashville Food Trucks: Stories & Recipes from the Road features the stories of how and why Nashville’s favorite food truck operators got started, as well as recipes for signature menu items.

Phoenix, AZ: Food Truck Feature – Emerson Fry Bread

The Daisy came with a side of chips and salsa, and I’ll have to admit that while the salsa was tasty, it also packed a punch. I was definitely sweating.

Phoenix, AZ: Stone Bread Pizza Hits the Valley Food Truck Scene

Made with ingredients like pork belly bacon from The Meat Shop, uncured pepperoni from California-based Zoe's Meats, and the Khademi's signature turkey sausage, look for pizzas from Saffron Jak to include the J-Mex with roasted corn, squash, black beans, purple potato, and cotija cheese; the Super Greeky featuring olives, cherry tomatoes, pepperocinis, Medjool dates, and feta; and a creation called the Chicken and Waffle House with housemade fried chicken, maple bacon, country gravy, and mozzarella.

Wichita, KS: Food Trucks Offer Wichitans Convenience, Personality To Go

Food trucks have been cropping up around Wichita lately, and I recently found myself unable to resist the allures they offer.

Seattle, WA: New Food Truck Alert – Tasty Batch

[Tasty Batch] is not focused on dessert waffles, but things like brioche waffles, corn bread waffles and savory toppings such as curries and chili. All of the food is all-natural. Everything is completely made from scratch, except for things like maple syrup, of course.

Wellington, NZ: It’s a Wrap

am tremendously fond of burritos, even if they do seem to be a more Tex-Mex variant than a proper, traditional Mexican dish (I didn't, for instance, encounter a lot of burritos in Mexico City - soft tacos and fajitas, yes; burritos and nachos - nope).

Istanbul, TR : The Delightful Street Food of Istanbul

Turkish food is one of the most complex and interesting cuisines of the world. The city of Istanbul was first Byzantium and then Constantinople, always being a bridge between Europe and Asia.

New York, NYC: Street Eats – Pizza Oreganata & Zeppoles from Valducci’s

All of Valducci’s pizza is Sicilian-style, square with a thick crust. We’ve always enjoyed clams oreganata, so we had an idea what to expect from pizza oreganata. A toasted bread crumb topping will never be turned away from our lips.

Glendale, AZ: Fry Bread Food Truck Will Open Permanent Shop in West Valley

It was time to give our loyal following a place they can find our authentic fry bread on a daily basis