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Brookhaven, GA: Soccerfest bringing Food Trucks, Movie Night, BBQ Bash, World Cup to Brookhaven...

Beginning Friday evening, Brookhaven Park will be the location for an event filled Fourth of July Holiday weekend presented by Soccerfest.

Brookhaven, GA: Food Trucks Find a Home in the Suburbs

When we first started them, we knew they were popular in other communities. But weren’t sure what kind of turnout we would have in Brookhaven

Brookhaven, GA: Brookhaven Food Truck Event in honor of 9/11

Come see us at the Brookhaven Food Truck Event on Wednesday night

Brookhaven, GA: Brookhaven to Host Food Trucks in Blackburn Park

Brookhaven will celebrate the city’s parks with a food truck event in Blackburn Park tonight from 5-9 p.m.