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New Orleans, LA: New Orleans Food Trucks Get Green Light to Park in More...

Two amendments to New Orleans' food truck ordinance taste like victory. Thursday, the City Council voted to eliminate a 600-foot buffer zone around restaurants for the 100 food trucks that currently have permits.

Saskatoon, CAN: Food Trucks Approved

The only point of contention at the meeting was how far away the trucks should operate from existing restaurants. Mayor Don Atchison and a minority of councillors — Coun. Troy Davies, Coun. Randy Donauer and Coun. Eric Olauson — wanted a special 30-meter “buffer zone” downtown.

Saskatoon, CAN: Concerns About Washrooms for Food Truck Patrons Raised

Saskatoon’s food trucks will be able to operate in commercial districts, but not in residential neighbourhoods

Washington, DC: Food Truck Fight in DC Public Hearing

Trucks would be limited to the 20 locations with a 500 foot buffer in which no other trucks could locate.

Las Vegas, NV: Bill Would Create Special Parking for Food Trucks Downtown

Any effort to open up the streets to food trucks is a step in the right direction. But this pilot program proposal is an inadequate solution to a problem the city itself created

Buffalo, NY: ‘Compromise’ Food Truck Regulations Being Drafted

Includes several proposals that food truck operators have sought.

Seattle, WA: New Street Food Regulations Gaining Momentum

The proposal would allow street carts and trucks on city sidewalks and streets......

Seattle: Food Truck Debate Moves to City Council Committee

The fervor over food trucks reached city council this morning, as people had their first opportunity to comment on proposed legislation that's intended to invigorate the city's mobile food scene.