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Cambridge, MA: Food trucks could become a permanent fixture in Cambridge

Cambridge may soon allow food trucks in the city on more than just a temporary basis.

Cambridge, MA: Campus Services Seeks Optimal Food Trucks

Campus Services uses trial periods to determine which food trucks are most popular among Harvard affiliates, inviting only the most frequented to stay.

Cambridge, MA: New Offerings in Cambridge’s Riverside Food Truck Season

The City of Cambridge invites applications from qualified Mobile Food Vendors to sell freshly-prepared food and beverages at designated spaces at riverside parks.

Cambridge, MA: Possible MA Salmonella Outbreak – Clover Restaurants and Food Trucks Close

The Clover Food Labs in Massachusetts, which operates restaurants and mobile food trucks, has closed all operations because of a possible Salmonella outbreak in that state.

Kendall Square, MA: Food Truck Festival Coming to Kendall Square

The festival is the first in Kendall Square by Food Truck Festivals of New England and will be held along Broadway and Third Street.

Cambridge, MA: Clover Food Lab; Green and Growing

Clover Food Lab, which started as a single vegetarian food truck near MIT, is popping up brick-and-mortar locations as fast as you can say "chickpea." The company is also growing its fleet of food trucks.

Cambridge, MA: Cambridge Riverfront Mobile Food Program

The Riverfront Mobile Food Program has concluded for the 2012 season.

Cambridge, MA: HP Hood’s ‘Soup Boutique’ Food Truck will be Dishing Free Samples in...

Each stop will offer two soup selections – one original recipe created by a leading local chef based in that stop’s city, and one classic Hood soup recipe prepared by Chef Jonathan Dunn of Lavishly Dunn Catering,

The 26 Healthiest Food Trucks in America

Take a healthy, innovative, sustainable, and gourmet approach

The 20 Best Food Trucks in the United States

The food truck revolution is in full force