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Camden, NJ: Sweet Pea offers ice cream for a new generation

His wife, Danielle, is the creative arm of the company, coming up with all those intriguing flavors -- everything from Roasted Pistachios, Wildflower Honey and Rum to German Chocolate Cake (chocolate cake, coconut base and caramel weave). "We call her the Chief,'' her husband joked.

Cherry Hill, NJ: Good tunes and food trucks in Cherry Hill

The museum will host its third annual "Groovin' & Grubbin' '' music and food truck festival starting Wednesday, July 1.

Camden, NJ: Camden Food Trucks Reel it in Early

The Camden Waterfront folks are reporting that the food trucks that visit the Waterfront in warmer months are calling it a day.

Camden, NJ: Waterfront Food Trucks to Stick Around Awhile

Due to positive feedback and high demand,’’ the food trucks will continue to be available every Friday at 11 a.m. through Oct. 25

Camden, NJ: Food Truck Friday on Camden’s Waterfront

A trio of food trucks will be pulling up to the Camden waterfront every Friday at lunch beginning May 10 and continuing throughout the summer.

Campbell’s Soup’s New Direction Inspired By Food Trucks

Chuck Vila, V.P. of Consumer Insights, visited "hipster hubs" in Austin, Portland and San Francisco, noshing at food trucks!