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Santa Monica, CA: Planning Commission to Consider Food Truck Permits

Change would allow food trucks to gather at designated sites

Boston, MA: Why is Phantom Gourmet Against Food Trucks? Follow the Ad Money

Bostonians opt for a better food truck option instead.

Elk Grove, CA: City Council to Again Discuss Food Trucks

Food Trucks can only sell at 1 location for 15 mins from 7am - 2pm.

Philly, PA: Street Food Philly

Possibly the most "impossible-to-find" food truck in Philly!

NYC: A Hero to Street Vendors

He and another halal vendor off the sidewalk.

Evanston, IL: Food Truck Owners Sue for Right to Sell in Evanston

The city will aggressively defend the ordinance in court

Sacramento, CA: Food Trucks & Restaurants – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The public has clearly signaled that it wants Food Trucks

Covington, OH: Restaurants NOT Keen on Food Trucks

We need more activity” on the streets

Los Angeles, CA: Food Trucks Offer Lunch Alternative at LA Hotel

“We have trucks that are iconic and culturally relevant,” says Bill Buckley