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Chandler, AZ: Chandler food truck roundup makes its debut tonight at Downtown Ocotillo

The first-ever weekly Chandler food truck court will debut in Downtown Ocotillo, a commercial development on Queen Creek between Dobson and Price.

Chandler, AZ: Why Chandler Needs A Regular Event with Food Truckz

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Chandler, AZ: Food Truck Waffle Crush Sweetens Streets of Southeast Valley

“These are totally different from what you normally think of when you think of waffles,” Brenay said. “It’s a delicate process, the irons have to be at the perfect temperature — too hot and the sugar will blacken; too cold it will leave it doughy in the middle. It’s taken us a lot of time to perfect.”

Chandler, AZ: Chandler’s Hungry Monk Goes Mobile With Traveling Monk Food Truck

The Hungry Monk, the three-year-old neighborhood bar and eatery from ex-Buffalo Wings & Rings franchisee Jim Lolli, now has its own food truck: The Traveling Monk.