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Charlotte, NC: Food Fight for Charity

Our team doesn’t do little fundraisers. We like to stay active in the community with big events. I thought it would be great to have an event where all the food trucks could get together, but also do a cross-marketing thing for people who want to fight cancer

Versatile Gourmet Catering Cart Ideal for Numerous Onsite Catering Venues

The new Gourmet Catering Cart from Metal Gourmet™ is designed to serve a wide range of catering venues in style.

Food Trucks Respond to Needs of Tornado Victims and Responders

DFW Food Trucks continually look for ways to support the communities

Proposed Legislation Bodes “ill” for California’s Food Trucks

State lawmaker wants to significantly limit where lunch wagons can operate

DFW Trucks Supporting the Community that Supports Them

7 trucks participated in a Food Truck SmackDown to raise funds for a local charity, Ten for 10

How do the Food Trucks Keep on Coming to the Occupy Movement Protests?

Alliance for Global Justice has set itself up as a receiver for donations to the Occupy Movement.

Nashville, TN: Food Truck Serves Up Lunch In Unusual Style

Soul Fuel 501, a fire engine renovated to be a food truck

Nashville, TN: Battle of the Food Trucks Sells Out, Raises Money for Charity

The first Battle of the Food Trucks was a complete sell-out, drawing 500 people

Zullo’s Food Truck Hits Chicago Streets

A new food truck hit Chicago streets today with perhaps the most virtuous victuals of them all.