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Seattle, WA: Christie Goes Aboard Seattle’s First Grilled Cheese Truck

With everything from classic cheddar cheese to housemade spicy lamb sausage with Manchego sheep's milk cheese, gruyere, caramelized onions and crispy potato chips, The Grilled Cheese Experience has six unique sandwiches to please a variety of palates. It also makes soup, and, for those in for something new, grilled Mac and Cheese.

Sacramento, CA: Food Trucks Expand to Breakfast

2 of Sacramento's food trucks started serving breakfast

Orange County, CA: Sexy Burger Debuts Sex-Centric Food Truck Menu

Can Orange County’s latest food truck seduce local foodies with its sex-centric menu of burgers?

Hollywood, CA: Grilled Cheese Truck Revives the Gooey Classic

The truck made its name with their signature cheesy mac and rib

Jackson, MS: Food Vendors Wary of City Involvement

Councilman Quentin Whitwell of Ward 1 first proposed the concept, championing entrepreneurs who want to serve food from such trucks.

Chicago: Mac-and-Cheese Food Truck Hits the Road

If you've been dreaming of a food truck that sells only mac-and-cheese dishes, you can wake up now.

Video: NoMi Food Truck Rally – Is There a Better Kind Of Rally?

Organized by the Gourmet Food Truck Association, the truck rally happens every Tuesday and is well worth a try.