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NYC: The Latest Taco Truck to Hit The Streets (video)

The Kimchi Taco Truck features a menu that melds Korean and Mexican cuisine, making an unlikely but inevitable combination.

West Chester, PA: Food On The Move

Matt Gourley, who has worked in the restaurant business for 20 years, has operated The Lunchbox on West Chester University's campus since last fall.

LA: Bera’s Custom Cheese Steaks Give You Something To Talk About

If your cravings are so specific that you’re looking only for meat, Cheez-Whiz, and bread on four wheels, there’s still Lee’s Philly doing their thing.

Food Truck Feast At Scottsdale Arts Festival

Four of the eleven food trucks promised to show through the weekend were there on Friday. We got our fill.

Austin Trailer Treasures: 5 Food Truck Dishes To Try

Austin's trailers shuttered their windows when the temperatures headed south in past weeks, but, with Spring around the corner, it's time to hit the ATM and dig in on the best food served on four wheels.

Philly: “Tyson Bees” Korean-Vietnamese Tacos and Sandwiches

A former Iron Chef contestant by the name of Tyson Wong Ophaso decided to try his hand at a food truck based on Asian-fusion.

Bada Bing Truck Serves Up Tastes of Philly and Upstate New York

I stumbled across one of the area's newest food trucks, Bada Bing Cheesesteaks & Spiedies.