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Chicago, IL: More Food Trucks But Still No Licenses to Cook Onboard

It's a huge testimony to the strength and durability of these entrepreneurs," said Alex Levine, who runs the Food Truck Freak website monitoring daily movements of the trucks and general trends in the industry from a consumer's point of view

When Graham met Questlove

Chef, hip-hop artist form catering partnership

Food Truck Delivery Option Gets Warm Welcome This Fall

Chicago food trucks will face an enormous challenge -- and we're not talking about the likely City Council debates on their regulation.

Chicago: Food Entrepreneurs Grow Sweet on Emanuel

Many hope for better rules on food trucks, carts and other small businesses

Zullo’s Food Truck Hits Chicago Streets

A new food truck hit Chicago streets today with perhaps the most virtuous victuals of them all.

Free Food in Chicago, Courtesy of ABC’s ‘The Chew’

"The Chew" premieres at noon Monday on ABC.

Chicago: Should Alderman Tunney Recuse Himself From a Food Truck Vote?

Tom Tunney has some specific concerns over the possibility of food trucks coming too close to established brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Street Eats, Anytime

The lunch truck delivers many an old favorite, like sub sandwich, and many a new favorite, like pincho. Pincho means skewer.

Pictures: Chicago Food Trucks Guide

From sausages to cupcakes, we help you navigate a movement that's in overdrive.