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Infographic: Chicagoans, Lunch & Food Trucks

Chicagoans would dine out more frequently if food trucks were more available to them.

Quaker Celebrates National Oatmeal Day With First-Ever Quaker Oats Mobile

Quaker Oats is celebrating with the first-ever Quaker Oats-Mobile tour, an on-the-go food truck

Chicago: S T R E E T F O O D A R...

S T R E E T F O O D A R T I S T R Y is an inaugural festival celebrating the tapestry of street food and art in Chicago.

Chicago: Food Trucks United

Chicago changing laws, might create new city dining experience

Chicago: Food Truck Summit Raised Awareness (video)

Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel said on March 1 he would favor changing the Mobile Food Dispenser Law that prevents food trucks from cooking onsite and handling food onboard their vehicles.

Chicago: Food Truck Summit (video)

If there was any doubt Chicagoans are excited for a vibrant food truck culture, those doubts were washed away at last night’s Food Truck Summit.

Street Kitchen’s OG Dog, Not Really Chicago But It Has Snap

No website or Twitter feed (that we can find). The most SEO-unfriendly name in food truck history.