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Arlington, VA: Astro Doughnuts Hits the Road

Good news for Northern Virginians: You'll no longer have to trek to Metro Center for those prize-winning creme brulee doughnuts. Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken launched its food truck this morning, and you can catch it around Arlington dishing out coffee and doughnuts.

New York, NY: Here’s Our First Look At The New Chicken & Waffles Slider...

As for the cream gravy, it’s good, but it’s not the traditional Southern gravy we’ve had on chicken fried steak, biscuits & gravy, and chicken & waffles. That stuff will stop a train (or the blood from pumping to your heart)

Regina, CAN: Taste Regina – Fried Chicken and Waffles Roost in Downtown Regina Food...

A graduate of the culinary program at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Rogers works full time as a Canada Post letter carrier. Currently on leave from delivering mail, he said he has always felt a strong calling to be a chef.

Little Rock, AR: Waffle Wagon Earns A “WoW”

For my own waffle, I went straight to the top of the menu and ordered the Chicken and Waffles. The regular waffle was one of the best I've ever had; slightly crisp on the outside with a moist, tender center that held up well to the syrup and chicken piled on top. The chicken in question consisted of three huge tenders, lightly breaded and fried to a delightful crisp, then tossed in hot sauce. The result was a dish that was, like the peas and jelly, spicy, slightly sweet, and altogether perfect. The varying flavors and textures present in this dish were tasty, balanced, and impressive.

Lexington, MA: Food Truck Fantasy Hits Lexington

A couple of 100 people gathered around at the Massachusetts Avenue and Woburn Street fairgrounds food trucks from around the area gathered for Lexington’s 2013 Food Truck Festival.

Lexington, MA: Meals on Wheels – Food Truck Festival Hits Town Tomorrow

From Lobsta Love to the Cupcakory, a fleet of food trucks will role into Lexington on Friday, May 31, as the final course in Revolutionary Revelry.

New York, NY: Patacon Pisao – Delicious and Cheap Venezuelan Street Food in NYC!

Patacon Pisao does a great job introducing NYC to the wonders of Venezuelan cuisine street food-style! Thanks to this experience I think patacons now have a permanent spot on top of my list of cheap and delicious street food cravings, right up there with Halal Guys!

Exotic Traveling Food Trucks

The Dos Equis Mobile Academy hopes to enrich lives

Campbell’s Soup’s New Direction Inspired By Food Trucks

Chuck Vila, V.P. of Consumer Insights, visited "hipster hubs" in Austin, Portland and San Francisco, noshing at food trucks!

Colleges Roll Out Own Food Trucks (video)

Food trucks become more popular among the college set