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San Diego, CA: Food Trucks Could Undergo New Health Inspections

The mobile food operation inspections may be the same as restaurants.

Gourmet Food Truck Serves Foie Gras, Bone Marrow

Foie gras, pancetta, Parmigiano cream sauce — might sound like the menu of this minute's trendy hotspot, but......

San Diego: Skip the Hot Dogs for Comic-Con’s Food Truck Food Court

If you're looking for a quick meal between panels at Comic-Con, skip the pretzels and hot dogs inside the Convention Center and head over to the Food Truck Food Court

San Diego: Food Trucks at Comic-Con 2011

A “Food Truck Food Court” will be at San Diego Comic-Con this year!

San Diego: Boomers! 2011 Food Truck Festival Rolls Out Fine Dining, May 20-22

Boomers Family Fun Center is bringing 10 of the hottest gourmet food trucks from Los Angeles, and pairing them up with 10 of the most popular San Diego gourmet food trucks.

Fine Sidewalk Dining with San Diego’s Food Trucks

Food trucks. Gastro trucks. Taco trucks. Mobile street food. Call them what you want, but don't call them roach coaches.