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Hawthorne, CA: Food Truck Laws Revisited

The Hawthorne City Council is revisiting a crackdown on food truck events in local parking lots after loyal foodies used social media to voice their opinions.

Monrovia, CA: Officials Intend to Discuss Food Truck Lawsuit with Plaintiff

Owner of Rudy's pleased that the Monrovian City Council banned food trucks from parking on city streets in the city's Old Town.

Bridgeton to Set Rules for ‘Lunch Trucks’

The Bridgeton City Council voted Wednesday to authorize city staff to draft regulations on mobile food vendors, which are not yet operating in Bridgeton but growing in popularity.

Burbank: City Report On Mobile Food Vending

The purpose of this first step report is to provide Council with information concerning the legality of enforcing Burbank Municipal Code (BMC) section 3-4-1111 regarding the conditions and restrictions for mobile food truck vending (peddling).

RIVERSIDE, CA: Hot Food Truck Ban Adopted

Riverside now has new, stricter rules on food trucks that only allow the sale of pre-packaged food and drinks, but city officials said even if they wanted to allow trucks selling hot, fresh food, county regulations would prevent it.