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Chicago’s Responsible & Realistic Restaurants-On-Wheels: The New Food Truck Ordinance

Food truck operators will be able to prepare food-to-order on the truck

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Restaurateurs recognize that the food trucks really are a different market than what they serve

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Challenges facing the mobile food outlets

Chicago, IL: Emanuel Moves Forward with Food Truck Plan

The draft law now must be passed by the committee

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Ware's Crave Truck may have taken the most advantage of Champaign's pilot program

3 Food Trucks Is 3 Too Many for Peoria

Peoria Mayor Against Food Trucks Earning a Living in His Town!

Maplewood’s Food Truck Discussion Attracts Media Attention

"Trucks could “cannibalize” the local restaurants’ business,"

Peoria, IL: Council Votes DOWN Food Trucks

"I firmly do not think this will create new people spending money to eat out in Peoria," Ardis said

NOLA: Food Trucks Hope to Gain Traction This Summer [video]

Trucking It, Eater NOLA's regular look at what's going on in the region's mobile food community.

Ferndale, MI: Food Trucks Rally for Ferndale Event as City Mulls Vendor Rules

Michigan Mobile Food Vendors Association are working city officials